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As we embark upon 2023, it feels like the perfect time to reflect on all that we accomplished, all that we navigated and all that we learned in 2022. Though we continued to face interruptions from the pandemic, we witnessed students, staff, parents, caregivers, families and community partners coming together to support all students in achieving their fullest potential.


 - jeewan chanicka
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It has been a landmark year at the Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) and also across our vibrant, diverse, and resilient community.


- Joanne Weston
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As we find ourselves nearly a month into 2023, we believe that it is essential to take a moment and reflect on all that we learned, all the challenges we overcame, and all the growth we experienced in 2022.


Vaishnave Raina and
Kenzy Soror
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Public Education in 2022
Opportunities and Challenges
We are at a moment in time where we have an opportunity to build a public education system that truly serves every student, and sets all students up for success in learning and in life. It’s the opportunity to create schools where identity and social location are no longer factors that determine outcomes for students. The Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) has set this as a goal, with the knowledge that this work will not be easy, but that it is necessary. This commitment is one that allows us to ensure public education serves all students, families and communities. It is a huge trust and one that we take very seriously.
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Student Voice
In 2022, the Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) student census allowed us to hear the voices of more than 30,000 of the students we serve as we plan how to better support them. This census included innovative and differentiated methods for students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 to share their thoughts, experiences and ideas to help shape their own learning experiences.
Strategic Plan
2022 was a year of accomplishments celebrated and of challenges navigated. Top amongst our accomplishments is our new Strategic Plan. It was built with the voices of those we serve: students, staff, families and the community members of Waterloo Region. This plan will guide us towards the creation of an education system that prepares students for success as we move towards the 22nd century. Through this plan, we will create schools that offer educational experiences and opportunities for all students that shape who they become as human beings and contributing members within their communities and society. We are so proud of all that we achieved in 2022 towards both the creation of and in support of our Strategic Plan.
Celebrating the gifts of each and every student by creating limitless opportunities for them to flourish, grow and become their best selves.
Creating learning environments where all students excel as they become skilled, caring, and compassionate global citizens.
Strategic Directions
As we look towards the future, we are setting our goals high. We aim to set the WRDSB apart as a leader in public education not only in Canada, but around the world.
Our six Strategic Directions will
guide us on this journey
Learner Profile
The learner profile is made up of the skills and attributes students need to be successful in learning and in life as we move toward the 22nd century. The Learner Profile is designed to ensure students have the ability to succeed academically in the classroom, and have the skills to excel in their future careers, whatever their chosen pathway. It was developed in direct consultation with students, to ensure it responds to their needs.

When they graduate, WRDSB students will be:
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