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Asian Affinity Group Marks Asian Heritage Month

Asian Affinity Group Marks Asian Heritage Month.png

In May 2022, members of the Waterloo Region District School Board’s (WRDSB) Asian Affinity Group for employees came together to help all in our community learn more about what it means to be Asian for Asian Heritage Month.


What is Asian?

In the video, “What is Asian?”, members of the Asian Affinity Group share what being Asian means to them. From the foods they love to enjoy with family and friends, to the strong bonds they feel to their families, watch the video to hear from WRDSB employees about celebrating and honouring their identities:

Affinity Groups

Affinity Groups offer spaces for WRDSB employees to come together with facilitators who have a shared lived experience. Affinity Groups were created as a direct response to data from the WRDSB Workforce Census which demonstrated a need for employee networks based on lived experience.


All WRDSB employees work to support the development and success of the students we serve, and we know that they model mental health and well-being for students. With this in mind, Affinity Groups aim to offer spaces that are healing, supportive and offer a voice for employees whose identities are marginalized.


We know that achievement in the classroom is directly supported by a student’s well-being, a factor which is impacted by the well-being of the educator in front of them. Ultimately, Affinity Groups are just one more way in which the WRDSB supports the academic success of the students we serve.

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